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GICOM offers a sustainable solution for local waste management in United Kingdom

GICOM offers a sustainable solution for local waste management in United Kingdom

August 7st, 2020
The GICOM technology once again crosses borders. This spring, GICOM delivered a new piece of technical art for one of her customer in the United Kingdom. It is the second composting installation we build for Biowise and it did not go unnoticed.
Composting installation
Composting installation

Composting installation (IVC) for food and garden waste

In 2015, GICOM built a composting system for Biowise in Eppleworth where 45,000 tons of organic waste is processed from the households in the area. This became a successful facility in the processing of organic waste. Biowise managed to build a new facility in Crewe for Cheshire East Council and GICOM was again approached to build the composting tunnels. The GICOM technology has proven to contribute to sustainable waste management and GICOM is proud to again be part of this waste management project.
Tunnel doors
Composting takes place behind the doors.

From waste to compost

The new site currently processes 45,000 tons of organic waste, but has the capacity to process up to 75,000 ton per year. More than 95% of the waste inputs will be recycled into quality BSI PAS 100 certified compost which can be used in horticultural, agricultural and landscaping markets. The remaining rest will be recycled or sent for energy recovery.

Waste Management World "biowaste" edition

The summer edition of the Waste Management World magazine is devoted to "biowaste". An extensive article describes how the second installation at Biowise was accomplished and the magazine also zooms in on the broad range of possibilities GICOM has to offer in terms of composting solutions, waste processing and climate control.
Biowise facility
Biowise facility

The technology of GICOM Composting Systems has been visualized by one of our customers. At this facility they process and recycle organic waste into quality BSI PAS 100 certified compost.

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