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New composting tunnel systems

New composting tunnel systems

May 29st, 2020
Never a dull moment at GICOM Composting Systems. Currently we are preparing different parts for the construction of a tunnel system project in Ireland.

Expansion tunnel system

The tunnel systems of GICOM Composting Systems are used for the processing of (organic) residual flows (waste management). In this case our customer already uses a GICOM tunnel system for processing organic waste. The need for processing other residual flows arose. GICOM will realize four extra tunnel systems which will be used for the process of MSW (municipal solid waste) into RDF (refuse derived fuel).

Recently we produced the pipes for the aeration floor and the vents for the construction of the air extraction equipment. All produced parts will be used for the construction of the four tunnel systems with bio filters. It will soon leave for transport.
Parts for the construction of the aeration floor. 
Let's get ready for transport!

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