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Manure processing

Drying manure in tunnels
The drying and sanatizing of manure in tunnels is a technique developed by GICOM. By starting the compostingproces in the tunnels the manure is pasteurised and for an important part biologically dried. When the biology slows down the drying process is continued automatically with thermal heat. In several days manure is pasteurised and dried up to compost with a low moisture content. This pasteurised and dried material can than be processed into pellets or granular, after which the minerals in these pellets can be sold as a valuable and homogenous fertiliser.

Komeco BV
The developed technique of drying manure in tunnels is directly applied at Komeco BV in Dronten The Netherlands. Komeco specialises in processing chicken and cow manure to high-quality pressed composted organic fertilizer pellets and granulate. Komeco applies an innovative composting technique, which was developed by GICOM. The organic fertilizer is composted in a biological manner, ensuring the full killing of germs, undesired mould or bacteria and (oil-containing) weed seeds. The favourable N-P-K-values and the fact that these are fully weed-free and have low odour resulting from the composting process, as well as the structure and the improvement of the moisture-absorbing capacity of the soil based on the high level of organic matter, ensure that the Komeco organic fertilizer pellets and granulate are of the very best quality. A synergy is a result of the direct application of the innovatie GICOM tecniques which benefits knowledge and results.