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GICOM Composting Systems » Drying of organic matter (herbs)

Drying of organic matter (herbs)

Dryinginstallation for herbs

GICOM creates innovative tailored systems to meet every processing need, like drying herbs. For VNK Herbs in Biddinghuizen, remarkely enough in the same town as our productionlocation, GICOM has designed and produced a complete beltdrying installation.

Beltdryer installation and control

At VNK in Biddinghuizen the herbs are dried in a three layer beltdryer. Not only the installation was designed and manufactured by GICOM, the complete computercontrolled climate system was also designed and installed by GICOM. Using a newly developed controlsystem, accommodated with GICOM climate control software, it is possible to optimalise the complete dryingprocess.
This has resulted in a premium quality product and succesfull saving of resources (labour and energy).