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Mushroom growing
GICOM mushroom growing
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Mushroom growing

GICOM arose in 1984 from the application of an innovative vision on mushroom farms. By GICOM developed applications in the mushroon growing market are based on expertise and experiences.

GICOM designs and builds fermentation facilities for individual mushroom farms, and also for central composting facilities. Vision is a magic word in this. Because of this vision future expansions are always possible. By doing this it is always possible to produce mushroom compost even when the environment regulations are on a high level. GICOM takes benefit of the fact that lot of expertise is gained from the waste composting market.
The first phase in making mushroom compost is a speciality of GICOM. For this aerated floors, bunkers and indoor tunnels are build. Aeration takes place by using the by GICOM designed spicket system.

The production of different kinds of mushroom compost is possible in three phases:
  • Phase I Fermentation
  • Phase II Pasteurisation
  • Phase III Spawn run tunnels
GICOM G2000 system
The proces is controlled by the GICOM G-2000 system. The operating system has many possibilities. Reducing energy consumption best results are possible. The G-2000 system provides flexibilty which suits any individual mushroom farm operator.

The climate units are designed keeping in mind a long lifecycle, reliability, aerodynamics and low energy consumption. GICOM offers turn-key, and if desired pre-fab, solutions for mushroom farms. GICOM can deliver for mushroom farms the following items:
  • Design of the mushroom farm;
  • Airhandling units;
  • Cooling and heating;
  • Humidification using either water or steam;
  • Climate control systems;
  • Other civil works and other electrical works if requested